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Dentist credentialing checklist Form: What You Should Know

This will allow you access to the online checklist. □ Copy of your DD Form (if obtained from  the Dental Directory Information Service (DDS).  You must have an  DD Form issued by the state, territory, or province in which you plan to practice. □  your state, territory, or province and its medical licensing agency. Your individual state or territorial medical boards provide each state licensing agency with a  comprehensive list of acceptable state license requirements for dental offices. The forms are used to help states establish which health care providers are recognized to provide dental services in their state.  Click here to view the list of approved states □ A current copy of the certification document  issued by the state medical licensing agency indicating your licensing status. This document must be current and complete. You can access the list of recognized states with approved states of physician/dental licensing, certification, and/or accreditation on. If you find this document on the agency's website, you cannot use it to check your status in your state. Please contact the State's Office to find out their status in this process to receive approval. Please make sure your document is current and complete. Failure to provide any of the following will result in a denial of your application. You are not an eligible dental professional, or you are not in good standing for a professional credential in your state: □  You did not complete the application process. Failed to obtain an approved state. Failure to meet the requirements by the completion date in your application will result in a denial of your application. Note: You MUST meet all the requirements listed below if you want to be accepted as a dental provider in your state: Have earned a Master's Degree from an accredited, state dental school within the last five (5) years.▲ Have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in the following 3 academic years: Dental Hygiene, Oral Bio-Mechanical, or Anatomy/physiology ▲ Have completed a minimum of 25 semester hours of post-doctoral level research in a dental setting. Have a minimum of 2.5 years of experience practicing oral health services. Have completed three of the following courses: 1. General Dental Hygiene 2. Anatomy/physiology 3.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Dentist credentialing checklist

Instructions and Help about Dentist credentialing checklist

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